सबैका प्यारा अशोक दर्जीको दाेस्राे गित सार्वजनिक, साथि भुइकटरको दमदार अभिनय(भिडियोमा हेर्नुहोला)

Ashok is not a new name for audience who are active on social media as Ashok Darji has created a storm over YouTube. His most of the interview are on trending and his first recorded song is also in trending.

Ashok Darji who is from a poor family has become a star on social media. We need to discover other many talent and provide proper platform. Ashok Darji is going to perform in US soon. Recently Ashok Darji, AR, DJ Rupak and Tanka met PM KP Sharma Oli. Here is a new song of Ashok Darji. Watch this video for details.

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